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What is self-improvement?

We are ever-evolving beings, constantly shaped by the life experiences we are having. Self-improvement is an opportunity to take stock of where you are in your life and assess if there are areas in which you feel you could benefit from developing. It can be an opportunity to invest in your own progress, build more inner resilience and develop the ability to more effectively manage whatever life may present you with. This can be at a psychological, emotional, behavioural and thought-based level.

The purposes of self-improvement can include:

  • Understanding and addressing self-limiting beliefs that may be holding you back personally or professionally
  • Proactively wanting to achieve more by fulfilling your potential and attaining your aspirations
  • Improving your quality of life in work, relationships, health by creating a work/life balance
  • Clarifying your purpose, your path and set more defined goals for yourself based on your values and beliefs.

How Can Self-Esteem be improved by therapy?

Often at times, we wait for a crisis before we seek the help we may need. Having psychotherapy and counselling for self-improvement before reaching a crunch point can be advantageous as you are recognizing there are problems, maybe patterns of concerns that may well be managed better.

Psychotherapy and counselling for self-improvement can be utilized proactively to explore what kind of life you aspire to. We can explore the commitment you have to yourself, your work, relationships, and family and look at goals you have, perhaps want for yourself in the short and long term. Inevitably we have external everyday life difficulties and our own internal hurdles to contend with. Through the process of taking these through in a safe, neutral, non-judgmental space you can begin to recognize your strengths and limitations and develop a sense of self-esteem based on what is important to you, what more clearly defines you as a person and where your energies are best placed.

Benefits of Personal Improvement

Giving time to invest in developing yourself can be beneficial on
several levels including:
  • Raising self-awareness and insight – developing an understanding of yourself helps you to identify an issue and where it may be stemming from. Consequently, the sense of ‘helplessness’ or of being ‘out of control’ that can sometimes underlie feelings can decrease.
  • Recognise strengths and limitations – help you take advantage of your strong points and learn to cope better with your limitations.
  • Increase self-esteem and confidence – improve your belief in yourself and your capacity to succeed at what you put your hand to.
  • Increase self-acceptance – recognition and appreciation of yourself as a unique person with skills and talents and who is not perfect.
  • More able to make decisions confidently – identifying issues, analyzing the costs and benefits, recognizing and stating goals with greater clarity and taking action with self-assured belief.
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