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Relationship counselling in London and WIMBLEDON

Symptoms of broken communication

We notice when communication in our important relationships has broken down when we stop ‘hearing’ one another. This could be due to a number of external factors including work stress, money issues or raising a family for example. There also may be deeper processes going on that disrupt our communication with one another. These go unsaid and can be, for example, to do with power imbalances in the relationship, parenting and intimacy problems that can lead to resentment, disappointment, loss of respect in the relationship and falling out of love in some cases.

For those seeking a relationship, you may notice difficulties in starting or maintaining a meaningful bond with someone and be aware of certain repeating patterns that are proving unhelpful and unsatisfactory now.

Causes of Relationship Problems

Issues that bring people to relationship counseling include:

  • Affairs/infidelity
  • Communication problems
  • Money/debt
  • Sexual incompatibility
  • Sexual problems – male and/or female
  • Impact of infertility – male and/or female
  • Falling out of love
  • Arguments/irritability
  • Wanting a new relationship
  • Abusive relationships

How Can Psychotherapy & Counselling offer couples Help?

Relationship counselling offers a neutral, collaborative space for couples or individuals to learn about their relational styles and gain awareness of their issues individually and collectively.

Relationship therapy provides an opportunity to learn how we interact with each other in intimate relationships, helping to recognize recurring patterns of behaviour and where these may stem from, so healthier, more helpful choices can be made going forward.

You can have relationship counselling if you’re married, living together, single, gay, bi-sexual or straight.

Relationship Counsellor

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I counsel individuals and couples. My main therapeutic goal is to help every client realise their inner potential through an interactive and supportive relationship.

I have a practice in London and Wimbledon.

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