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Defining loss and grief

At some point in our lives, we will likely all experience loss, such as a bereavement, and the grief that comes with it.

Grief is a natural and multifaceted response to loss. It is the emotional suffering we feel when we lose someone we love or something highly valuable or important to us.

Types of Loss can include but are by no means limited to:

  • Unexpected Death

  • Death of a Loved One

  • Death of a Child

  • Loss of a Marriage

  • Loss of Economic/Financial Security

  • Illness

  • Disability

  • Suicide

  • Fertility

Our reaction to loss is called a grief response. During the process of grief, we may experience periods of denial, anger, bargaining, and depression before reaching acceptance of our loss.


How grief affects us can vary greatly from person to person and can evoke a whole range of feelings and emotions. It is not unusual for people experiencing grief to bounce between different thoughts and feelings as they try to make sense of their loss. Furthermore, our emotions can surprise us in their intensity or mildness, leading to confusion.

In addition to sadness, grief can also evoke feelings of:


When a person’s grief is severe, unrelenting or overwhelming, psychotherapy and counselling can help by providing a space to grieve, be angry, sad and conflicted about loss. In some cases, society or one’s culture may stigmatise you for the way you grieve. In therapy, you can express how you feel without judgment and be supported in processing those feelings. Many people find the act of talking about their loss cathartic.

In time, psychotherapy and counselling can facilitate a person’s adjustment to their new life and eventual recovery from their loss. It does this by helping you to accept the reality of your loss, work through any accompanying pain and grief and adapt to your life after your bereavement or loss.

As everyone experiences loss and grief differently and for different reasons, therapy is tailored to meet your needs. For example, it can help you strengthen bonds with other friends and family in the case of death of a loved one and maintain healthy connections with the lost person.

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