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What Causes Depression?

Depression can be caused by an identifiable triggering factor such as bereavement or an accumulation of complex issues that slowly sneak up on you. Sometimes there is no clear understanding of why the depression is there.

triggering factors:

Depression Symptoms

The symptoms of depression vary from one individual to another but will impact us at all levels of our lives, including socially, emotionally, psychologically and physically.

The most common symptoms of depression are:

  • Persistent low mood or sadness
  • Difficulties with concentration, memory
  • Tiredness, lethargy, loss of motivation
  • Changes in appetite – loss or increase
  • Sleep disturbance – early morning waking, difficulty falling asleep
  • Loss of interest or enjoyment in things
  • Low sex drive
  • Withdrawal from social contact
  • Irritability with others
  • Difficulty making decisions
  • Feeling worried or anxious
  • Feeling tearful
  • Having low self-esteem
  • Hopelessness, helplessness, suicidal feelings or thoughts of self-harm, wanting to give up

How Can Psychotherapy & Counselling Help?

Psychotherapy and counselling offer a supportive, non-judgmental space to talk through what may be contributing to your depression. Talking therapy is an opportunity to explore what is ‘working’ in life and what may need to change to move towards better mental and emotional wellness.

When we become depressed our worldview can become quite narrow and fixed in a loop that confirms our negative self-attitudes.

In Psychotherapy and counselling, we start to examine our belief system that has developed in the present. Looking at our early behaviour, thinking and insecurities acquired in life further helps us to understand how we manage current day problems we are facing.

By exploring the origin of these beliefs and questioning their value in your current life, we can learn to change and overcome them in a more resilient way.

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