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What Is Integrative Counselling & Psychotherapy?

I offer psychotherapy and counselling in a collaborative way in which we work together to facilitate your understanding of what may be causing and contributing to your current discontent or difficulties.

Proving a safe, confidential space, I work relationally to help you clarify what may be getting in the way of life being more fulfilling and breaking free from previous patterns of relating that may no longer be beneficial.

Often times our mode of behaviour, beliefs and defenses develop early in life as adaptations to experiences we cannot make sense of at the time. Further life events can modify or confirm these and alter our worldview and our subsequent place in it. It can be helpful in therapy to explore where these beliefs stem from and challenge their value in the present.

I believe all of us can be active in our own self-healing with the capacity to discover solutions to our problems in our own unique time frame. I work to empower clients I work with, helping them to find their inner potential in an interactive and supportive manner.

How Long Will Psychotherapy/Counselling Take?

Psychotherapy and counselling can be short-term (six to twelve sessions), focusing on a specific concern utilising a CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) approach as one possible technique. When issues require a greater depth of exploration, such as unhelpful thoughts, patterns that repeat themselves, longer-term psychotherapy on a more open-ended basis can be more advantageous.

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