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What Is Integrative Counselling & Psychotherapy?

Integrative Psychotherapy recognizes that no one psychological approach can encompass the complexity of the human condition and resultant ways of being in the world.

Integrative therapy attends to all levels of functioning and addresses the various dimensions of life such as childhood development, including childhood trauma, family dynamics, interpersonal relationships and external influences such as social, political and cultural aspects that impact internal development.

How Does Therapy Work?

Having a safe, neutral and confidential space creates the opportunity to explore often difficult thoughts and feelings with empathic support. All of us are active self-healing agents with our own solutions to our problems and the will to change in our own unique time frame.

Rather than advice giving, therapy involves constructive, objective feedback and interpretations aimed at facilitating deepening self understanding and insight. Increased self-awareness and taking responsibility for the issues at hand often enhances decision making and self-esteem, leading towards a life lived with greater vitality and spontaneity.

How Long Will Psychotherapy/Counselling Take?

Psychotherapy/Counselling can be short term (6 to 12 sessions), focussing on a specific concern utilising a CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) approach as one possible technique. When issues require a greater depth of exploration, such as unhelpful thoughts, patterns that repeat themselves or negative behaviours, longer term psychotherapy on a more open ended basis can be more advantageous.

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